Dr. Wojciech Kosek presents:

The main website

of my biblical exegeses in English

https://www.adoracja.bielsko.opoka.org.pl/ Kosek_mainWeb_UK.html

The original rite of the Passover in the light of the literary scheme
of the Book of Exodus 1–18,
Cracow 2008:

  1. The summary of my doctoral thesis.
  2. The Internet presentation of the main questions.
  3. Tzafun (Cafun) – copy of my article in Wikipedia.
  4. “Breaking of bread” in 1Cor 11:24 and breaking of Paschal Afikoman (אֲפִיקוֹמָן)
  5. The Passover Afikoman in light of its Hebrew origin (אֲפִיקוֹמָן)
  6. Supporting notes on Hebrew and Greek fonts.

Eucharist and adoration after its finish:

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